Create digital products, grow your business and leverage your time to support the life you want to live.

Time to Create Lifestyle Freedom?

Freedom is a core value of mine. I am always exploring ways to live life on my terms.

My passion is to teach you how to create time freedom so that you can do what you want, when you want, where you want and with who you want!

I’m a mom of two. One grown and one at home. I’ve always said I’m raising a business while raising a family. I know what it takes to make it work!

On this blog I teach you how to take what you’ve mastered in your business and turn it into courses and training to help others. This allows you to leverage your time, impact more people and generate more freedom in your own life. 

What are you looking for?

Email Marketing Help

If you want to learn email marketing to sell your digital products, coaching or membership then you’ll find the help you need here!

Want to learn email marketing to sell your digital products, coaching or membership then you’ll find the help you need here!

Lifestyle Freedom

Living life on your own terms takes a lot of purposeful action. 

Hustle culture and typical advice don’t take into account that we actually want to live our LIFE, first… THEN, business! Check this page our to learn more about lifestyle freedom and how to create it. 

Digital Products Business

There are many options for starting an online business. My favorite, hands down, is the digital products business. 

The pivotal point in your business will be the point where you find a way to LEVERAGE your time. Digital products can do this for you now and for years to come!

Latest Posts from the Blog

under desk treadmill review

Under Desk Treadmill Review

About ten years ago I read an article about a lady who worked and walked every day with a treadmill under her desk. She said it kept her healthy and she even lost weight because of it. She walked HOURS a day while working. I was fascinated! I really struggle

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BC Stack 2024 – What you can expect

Well if you’re looking for BC Stack 2024 you won’t have to wait much longer! This once a year online business courses collaboration runs from June 10th to 16th – six days only. It’s only $49 for 65 FULL PRODUCTS. That’s $0.75 per product which is crazy when my product

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How to Write an eBook and Make Money

If you’re looking to build an online business and teach what you know then writing an ebook is a great way to get started! Some advantages to writing an ebook are: How to Write an eBook and Make Money I sat down with my client and friend Gael Wood of

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30 Day Social Media Detox Challenge

Hello, hey! I feel it’s very much time for me to do a minimum 30 Day Social Media Detox Challenge! Did you know in 2022 I quit social media? Like totally quit. I closed my Instagram and Facebook accounts completely. DELETED. And it was heavenly! Really a lot better than

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business coach course coaching without calls

Email Coaching for Introvert Coaches

I used to hate coaching because I thought I had to do discovery calls and then weekly calls with clients. Then I realized I could do coaching MY way. The idea of being “booked solid” NEVER appealed to me. YUCK… who wants their calendar packed with calls? NOT me. I’m

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Starting a Coaching Business Checklist

There are a lot of online business coaching leaders out there telling people that ANYONE can start a coaching business. This simply is not true! Please don’t fall for the idea that you can just coach people to coach people who coach people! This is a completely unethical way to

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How to launch your online course business

I feel like it’s time for a big picture overview of how to launch your online course business. Often I’m giving you the details… the “in the weeds” kind of information that you can use if you know where you’re going and what you want from your business. But what

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digital product business creation

Digital Products Business

Oh hey you and welcome, welcome to the digital products business page!  You’ve just landed on the key to my entire lifestyle freedom plan – digital products.  I personal have an online business model that includes courses, a membership, smaller classes and coaching. I do a little affiliate marketing, too. 

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Organic SEO expert Lauren Gaggioli teaches the steps

I sat down with organic seo expert Lauren Gaggioli to over the steps to create an entire “Organic Marketing Ecosystem” like Lauren teaches! This is an in-detail, fun and candid free search engine optimization training that you can get for free right here – no gatekeeping! Come back later to

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Business dreams turned into reality

Do you think your business dreams are too big? too crazy? too “pie in the sky”? There’s nothing wrong with big dreams and I’ve found the fastest way to make them happen is to make them personal. This is especially true if you’re running a small business with no employees

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Email Marketing Tips

Hello email marketer! You’re on the hunt for some email marketing tips and you’ve come to the right page here on Living Lifestyle Freedom. I’ve personally been email marketing since 2007-ish and I love the freedom and flexibility it has provided me!  Email marketing allowed me to work after breaking

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Lifestyle Business Freedom

Welcome! If you’re looking for a lifestyle business you’ve come to the right place. It might seem too good to be true. I get it. We’ve been taught that business has to be hard. We have to sacrifice family time, self care, a tidy home and put our business first.

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Marketing without social media

If you’re wondering if marketing without social media is even possible I can tell you without a doubt it is. As an online business owner since 2002 I have run my business before social media even existed! How to Grow Your Business Without Social Media Many people in this reddit

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