Organic SEO expert Lauren Gaggioli teaches the steps

I sat down with organic seo expert Lauren Gaggioli to over the steps to create an entire “Organic Marketing Ecosystem” like Lauren teaches!

organic seo expert training

This is an in-detail, fun and candid free search engine optimization training that you can get for free right here – no gatekeeping! Come back later to watch the replay if you like, it’s not going away.

Organic SEO marketing doesn’t have to be boring!

We called this training Heart-Based Marketing and this is because SEO doesn’t have to be boring, robotic or geeky… it can be used to call in your perfect-match dream customers who are our there in Google looking for exactly the thing that you have to offer!

In this totally free SEO training we discuss completely organic seo inbound marketing where you attract your ideal customers and clients who will LOVE to work with you!

During this training Lauren offered a free download that is a Google Doc. You can copy this document and use it to go through the training above with notes! Write on it, make an action plan and start working on your own SEO traffic!

Get the Document Here: Heart-Centered Marketing Handout Google Doc

Using SEO to create a strong search presence

Organic SEO expert Lauren Gaggioli has a proven record of building her business with search traffic. She even was able to raise her baby while income flowed in from her SEO efforts. This is the kind of training I love to share with my audience!

Lauren built up one business with a strong search presence and then sold it for six figures.

She’s not a stranger to my blog here, either, and has written this post: Becoming a Mompreneur

Lauren has so generously offered my community a permanent 15% off her course, Organic Marketing Ecosystem, which you can get here: Organic Marketing Ecosystem << Use Coupon Code: LIFESTYLEFREEDOM

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