Blogging about my life. Can I make money doing that?

So I’ve been blogging about my life since my first blog post in 2005 about winning a game of poker.

That’s what I thought blogs were.

Little journals about your life.

These days blogging is often taken a much more impersonal, money-motivated approach.

So you really might be wondering…

Can I make money blogging about my life

The quick answer is absolutely you CAN!

In the time of ad-filled blog posts and AI-generated content people are CRAVING content that truly connects.

I personally don’t know how to write anything else.

To me writing IS a connection. It’s not about a paycheck, it’s about writing works that touch someone and help them in some way. It’s about using words to inspire, motivate and move.

The best way I’ve found to do that is to RELATE to others by sharing something in my life.

It doesn’t have to be some incredible thing. I’ve often shared my love of the beach and sometimes work from there, blogging:

blogging about my life at the beach!

How to blog about your life…

If you want to make money blogging about your life it’s important now to just spew out whatever is on your mind.

So you won’t be just journaling.

Instead you’ll want to take the following steps:

“Live a life worth blogging about”

I will never forget this quote from my friend Lynn Terry of

It was just such an inspiring idea to get out in the world and do things that are really worth talking about. That will inspire people and make them feel like it IS a life worth blogging and reading about!

Lynn at the time was sharing posts of her visiting so many amazingly beautiful waterfalls and it was truly inspiring to see her adventurous spirit, even if it was from the comfort of my home on my laptop.

How I’m blogging about my life

I’ve been earning an income online now for over 21 years and most of that time it has been through running courses, a membership and selling digital products.

Through all that time, though, I’ve pondered how to make a living blogging about my life and the things I’m interested in. Discovering this is really possible is one of my greatest recent joys!

thinking about blogging about my life

I’ve DREAMED of being a blogger who makes money entirely off of her blog since 2005 and here’s how I’m working now to make that dream happen:

  • This blog. I’ve been slowly adding new blog posts as I work to create more automated processes in my business. The more the business is managed the more time I’ll have to blog.
  • I have a variety of blogs I’m starting. I have three others in VERY early stages on being vegan, crochet and being a happy mom. Mainly because I LOVE to create but also because I have a variety of interests and I want to have a number of income streams/backup income possibilities.
  • Learning SEO. None of this would be happening AT ALL without a firm understanding of SEO. In order to succeed with a blog you need traffic and one of the biggest possible sources of traffic is Google. This has been my focus and I’m learning everything I know from Aisha Preece in this area. I highly recommend her SEO course here.

So in conclusion yes you can make money blogging about your life!

Be strategy. Be REAL (lord knows we need all the authenticity we can get). Always Be YOU.

I’d love to hear from you on how it goes!

All the best with your blogging!


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