Business Coaching for Women

Thank you for checking out my business coaching for women information page!

I can only assume you landed here because you are looking for a coach or considering your coaching options. That you would like to find someone who can help you grow your business.

Since 2002 when my son was born I’ve been pursuing and achieving success in business. You can read more of my own personal story here.

The short form is I’m a mom of two who’s been earning a full-time living online since 2007. I created my first site in 1999, earned my first sale online in 2002. I’ve sold over 1 million dollars through email marketing. I LOVE to teach others what I know! I LOVE to help women gain total lifestyle freedom.

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Too often people sacrifice their personal lives to build a business. I decided from the start my business exists to support my LIFE. I refused to let it take over my life, that just wasn’t what it was for!

So I started building a Lifestyle Freedom business.

That is what I know. That is what I do. Since 2007 I have been full time Living Lifestyle Freedom.

This is what I coach.

Email Business Coaching for Women

The biggest tool for my success in business is email marketing.

This is why I teach email marketing in my business coaching. We use email as the main method of establishing yourself and getting consistent sales.

When you work with me as a coach I will guide you though:

  • Setting up your email list and emailing daily.
  • Building your subscriber base so you increase your income.
  • Establishing your digital product suite so that you have offers you can make constantly.
  • Perfecting your business systems so that you earn more, more easily while working less.

My goal for you is to work as little as you want while earning more income over time. This comes with good systems, an extremely loyal community and a smart strategy.

After setting things up you could aim to be working 10-15 hours per week. Taking holidays off when you want!

This is a realistic goal and one I’ve achieved myself multiple times.

Why Be a Woman in Business Coach?

I don’t exclude men from working with me. However, I do directly talk to women in business as a coach because I best understand women. Women face different challenges than men and often approach business very differently.

Women, and especially moms, have different roles in the household. We all know this. We know that women do most, if not all, of the cooking, cleaning, activity planning, vacation planning, shopping and more. That is on top of running a business and taking care of ourselves!

This presents a very different set of challenges and this is why I’m a woman in business coach. These are challenges I understand completely. As a mom and entrepreneur of twenty-one years, I’ve learned many things to make my life easier and my business to run smoother. I share this all with my coaching clients of course!

You can see the details of my coaching on my coaching page here. Coaching is not always open but you can check with me by using the message box in the bottom right corner.

Another way to get to know me if you are new here is to sign up for my daily emails. You’ll start to see how I run my business and what I sell. This is a great first step to deciding if I’m the right women in business coach for you!

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