Business Coaching for Women, By a Woman

Business coaching for women… because as women we have completely different needs!

As a woman, a mom, a business coach and a business owner I know how much you have on your mind.

I know how many people are counting on you. I know how you put yourself LAST far too often.

Most of the help, advice and information out there totally skips over the fact that we are running a business, running a household, being a main caregiver for our families, keeping the “mental load” of tasks and activities and possibly even managing all the family and business finances!

PHEW. Are we superwomen? Or overwhelmed? Or in need of help?

Well, maybe all that. This is why we need a coach who understands our unique needs and has WALKED THE PATH so well they KNOW IT and can guide you along the way.

Business coaching for women who put life first!

business coaching for women - picture of Angela Wills

Hello! If we haven’t met yet I’m Angela Wills, the owner and founder of Living Lifestyle Freedom.

I’m a mom of two who’s been earning a full-time living online since 2007. I created my first site in 1999, earned my first sale online in 2002. I’ve sold over 1 million dollars through email marketing. I LOVE to teach others what I know! I LOVE to help women gain total lifestyle freedom.

Too often people sacrifice their personal lives to build a business. I decided from the start my business exists to support my LIFE. I refused to let it take over my life, that just wasn’t what it was for!

So I started building a Lifestyle Freedom business.

That is what I know. That is what I do. Since 2007 I have been full time Living Lifestyle Freedom.

This is what I coach.

What is Coaching & Why Invest in It?

I see a lot of confusion out in the wilds of the internet about coaching.
And there is a lot of variety on what coaching might mean and how it is delivered.

In my opinion a business coach is someone who has walked the walk. They’ve really done the thing and it’s not surface level. For example I literally started my first website for FUN in 1999. I sold my first physical product online in 2002, my first services offer online in 2006 and my first digital product online sometime around the beginning of 2007.

I know online business. If you’re going to pay thousands of dollars to someone PLEASE be sure they know it and haven’t learned from a coach who learned from a coach who learned from a coach!

What is coaching?
Let me start by saying what I think it’s not and what it’s not to me. Coaching is NOT me telling you what to do. Coaching is NOT me giving you a “framework” to “plug into” so you can copy my business and get my exact results.

YOU are too unique, too special, too different and the only one of you who will ever exist. WHY would I try to help you be like me? It makes no sense.

As a coach it’s my job to support you, encourage you, patiently guide you and share with you ALLL the things I’ve learned along my unique journey. YES I do have frameworks but I won’t invite you to do exactly as I do… I will invite you to model what makes sense to YOU and leave the rest. To question things and never just take my word… figure things out, do, act, explore and gather data so you can decide!

That’s what coaching is to me.

How to work with this woman in business coach?

If you like what you’re reading here there are a number of ways you can work with me as your coach.

1. Buy an offer, upgrade to coaching – I have a number of courses where you can learn with the self-study version OR you can add coaching for ONLY $150 for one full month. My regular coaching is $500 for the month but for now, as I have time available, I’ve put this back-door coaching sampler in to help you work through the programs. You can see my offers here: Lifestyle Freedom Courses

2. Hire me as your coach – I don’t always have coaching spots available but when I do you can hire me as your coach. See coaching details on this page: Lifestyle Freedom Coaching

If you’re not quite ready to do coaching yet but you’d like to keep in touch then you can sign up for my daily emails which I call “Letters from Angela”. These emails are a mix of business coaching for women advice, free training and of course I tell you about my offers and courses inside the emails. My goal is to make every single email value-packed so you’re excited to open and take action!

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