Business Success Affirmations & Practical Tips

Business success affirmations are great. They are one way to work through any mindset issues you have on building a business.

As you grow your business you’ll bump up against many deeply ingrained thoughts that can pull you down and hold you back, if you don’t deal with them.

Here are some business success affirmations to help!

Business Success Affirmations

  • I am a money maker.
  • I sell easily and effortlessly.
  • Bringing value to my customers who happily pay me for it comes easily to me.
  • Doing work I love and getting paid well align always.
  • The more I help people the more money I make.
  • I lead with confidence and clarity.
  • The more I fail the more I learn.
  • I understand failure IS growth, perhaps the most powerful kind of growth as well.

After using affirmations I think it’s so important to lean into strategy. The following is a list of “what not to do” .

There are some things I see people doing that I KNOW are detrimental to their business progress. Many I’ve done myself many times!

Business Tips & Things to Avoid

  1. Saying NEGATIVE things about your progress, business, offers, etc. I know… it’s not easy to squash EVERY negative thought. But our brains literally work to prove ourselves right. One little teeny thought is a seed in the brain that takes root and like mint in your garden keeps spreading everywhere! Be delusionally positive. Have people question your sanity while staying sane (good balance lol)!
  2. No business plan. I don’t mean a 100-page plan you’ll give to the bank. You do need a plan that has, ideally, multiple income streams you can lean on to create a solid business. One main income stream to grow, grow, grow.
  3. No idea what to sell. If you’ve decided to sell digital products then plan out a year. On the fly is hard to keep up with. I’ve been planning out my years worth of products to offer for over 15 years and it has helped me experience growth year after year. The plan can still be flexible but it’s there and it’s a becon of light that leads me to progress.
  4. Trying ALL the things ALL the time. This is a confidence issue I believe. You’re trying to “find” the thing that works. They ALL work but they will only work if you give them enough time and attention. Trying to find the thing that works is actually preventing you from doing anything that works!
  5. You don’t really believe. That last point leads to this one as it’s belief that will keep you doing ONE thing even when it doesn’t SEEM to be working. Your brain really will look for what you believe and if you’re trying to find something that works while just not seeing how it could, your brain will keep you safe and tell you it’s not working. I have literally had people tell me their efforts are not working because they didn’t get the sale – but there are so many reasons WHY they might not get the sale that can be FIXED – so is it not working or are you giving up before you made it work?
  6. Saying “It’s not working”. I did just address this but it’s worth it’s own point. STOP saying it’s not working. A person who believes says “HOW do I make this work?” and they keep going, moving or moving on UNTIL it works, or something works, or they’re happy in a way that fits them.
  7. Quitting before the big win. This is one of the things I did ALL the time. I’ve done so many businesses that I have been actually doing well in because I thought by starting over I could do BETTER in another! But I was quitting before I could get real leverage. I see this and know this now. This is why Living Lifestyle Freedom is going to be bigger than any other business I’ve built. Mark my words 😉
  8. Saying these things: “I hate tech. I’m so frustrated. I suck at this. etc”. Just stop the negative self-talk. It’s all bad. It keeps you in a bad loop. Address this immediately. It’s more important than any strategy, method, hot trend, etc.
  9. Not thinking about how your community thinks. The perspective of the person reading your emails, blogs, social posts or watching your videos, courses or listening to your podcasts, etc is SO IMPORTANT. I would suggest you spend a lot more time thinking about what they’re thinking. What will make sense to them? What is easy for them to say yes to? What would they be excited about? What makes it clear to them the value of your offer? It’s a constant search to be in the minds of your people and give them what they need – then it’s an easy YES from them when you do that!
  10. Not making it EASY to buy. Don’t make people figure out how to buy your offer. Don’t make them solve a riddle to know what you’re selling. Honestly keep it so simple a five year old could understand but also, obviously, speak with complete respect and value to your community. Avoid extra clicks. Have a good shopping cart. Be clear with your coupons and links and offers. REALLY clear. People skim. They forget who you are. Make it easy with EVERY interaction for them to know you, like you and buy from you.

Ok I think I covered all the major ones.

Pair these tips with business success affirmations and you’ve got a powerful combination!

business success affirmations, tips and things to avoid

I know it’s a lot. And the truth is it’s a LOT of work. The rewards don’t come for those who don’t put in the work and just when you think you’ve done a ton of work there’s more to do.

So are we crazy? Why do we do this? Why do entrepreneurs work so hard? Well… I guess and I think it’s the freedom. For me it is. I work but when others look at me it LOOKS like I’m chilling because I ALSO chill. It’s so odd – the mental work is unseen but it’s not less work!

Anyway – I’ve been at this 21 years (almost 22). I am so passionate about it. I LOVE my new client rouster and am looking to take on a few more.

You can totally work with me on this if the time is right. If not please work through the list as you can – they’re all things I do to always grow my business. I feel so grateful to be thriving in these hard times but I also want to help more people do the same ANY way I can. If you have any thoughts do reach out.

Here are ways you can work with me and the costs:

With coaching you get lifetime access to Email Practice Club, which is going up to $300/yr and $30/mo in 2024. You get all my courses now and to the end of 2024 as well.

Wishing you all the best and a most amazing business.

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