Digital Product Courses for Lifestyle Freedom

Welcome! Below you will find my digital product courses. These courses are for any person or entrepreneur who wants to take what they know and have mastered and teach it to others. My courses are designed to help you put together a business that is just right for you and your people.

There’s nothing here that’s going to teach you to get rich in a hot minute. I’m not going to promise you six figures or easy push-button systems. No. It’s work and it’s challenging and it’s worth it! YOU have to bring some great stuff to the table in order to build a business that stands the test of time. I know you’ve got great stuff to share unique to you and your life experiences. That’s the “secret ingredient” if there ever was any – it’s YOU.

Want to send more emails but don't know what to write? 👇🏼


The problem is most likely you’re thinking about the “perfect” thing to send to get the “most” sales. It might sound counter-intuitive but you’ll get more sales by not trying as hard! In this class I teach you how to send emails that CONNECT with your people because you are talking about YOUR core values. 

When you tell people about your values they will either feel compelled to stay or go. If they stay you have just found a person who is going to be a VERY LOYAL subscriber because they now relate to your values and not some product you’re promoting that may or may not mean a thing to them! 

Get my class on how to send emails without question for only $9:

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Email Practice Club is your “Hit Send Support Club” making it easy and natural to send out regular emails that build relationships and make sales. Forget about being a bother to your subscribers and get used to being a WELCOME addition to their inbox!

Digital Courses to Turn Your Skills Into Training:

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