On this page you’ll find my free, low-cost and regular-cost offers available where I help you create lifestyle freedom at a different level than my free content.

Everything you buy from me comes with ongoing access as long as the course is “live” and not retired. Most programs are available for years but it’s always best to only buy what you intend to use within 6-12 months of purchase – take action and get that ROI!


Email for a Living was created as a fully paid program which has sold thousands of dollars in real sales before I decided to make it free for everyone!

It’s important to me that you really understand my email philosophy and what I think it takes to make a full-time living with email marketing. This course will teach you that and give you the information you need to make it happen.

Low Cost ($35 Classes):

Outrageous Goalsetting

Find Anything Anywhere

Finish Strong

Build Your List with Bundles

Build Your List with Challenges

Build List w/Affiliate Program

Membership ($20/month):

Includes the following classes inside the membership (most only available through Email Practice Club):

Courses ($100):

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