ThriveCart Learn Tour for Online Courses

ThriveCart Learn is a wonderful tool for building your courses and coaching programs.

In this recording I’ll show you around ThriveCart Learn. Learn is a fairly new addition to ThriveCart and not everyone realizes ThriveCart is not just a shopping cart – it’s also a course management system (CMS) where you can host your courses and programs.

UPDATE July 2023: I moved BACK to ThriveCart! The other system was not what I expected. I’m with ThriveCart for the long haul now! It’s the best and I have no interest in moving to any other system whatsoever.

You will need to connect an email software and also host your videos on another platform as ThriveCart Learn doesn’t do any video hosting.

Creating Courses in ThriveCart Learn

It’s easy to create courses in ThriveCart Learn.

You can copy a previous course or start from scratch. You can create simple courses or classes.

I host the recordings of my one-hour classes in ThriveCart as well as my larger multiple module courses.

ThriveCart Bonus – Courses & Credits

It’s been a long time coming for me to find an easy to use shopping cart and course delivery system that I can recommend to my customers and clients.

I LOVE ThriveCart for this.

It’s an intuitive and easy to use software program.

I want to help get you set up and learn how to use it so you can start creating courses and products quickly.

If you buy ThriveCart through my affiliate link you’ll get access to my ThriveCart Learn Course area and courses I’ve created to support you as you setup your digital business.

The bonuses are:

  • $200 in Coaching Credits
  • ThriveCart Salespage Templates ($100 value).

ThriveCart Templates

The templates I’m including in the bonus are pretty simple but I’ve created them that way on purpose.

So many templates are pretty and complicated and full of multiple components that you need to change and customize. This ends up being a lot of work.

Simple ThriveCart Templates are easier and quicker to use.

My templates also TEACH you via the content on them. Telling you what to add to create a salespage that actually sells your offers.

Here is a screenshot of each template:

Simple ThriveCart salespage template:

Longer ThriveCart Learn Template:

ThriveCart is my favorite shopping cart.

It allows you to create digital download products (such as PDFS, printables, workbooks, ebooks, etc).
You could create courses, classes, workshops, etc.
I’ve even used ThriveCart to create a growing membership site.

When you are looking for a cart to build your business with it’s really worth considering ThriveCart and upgrading to ThriveCart Learn to get access to all the wonderful features.

If you’d like me to help you get setup through my bonus $200 in courses and ThriveCart templates just sign up below and I’ll hook you up. You’ll also get my ThriveCart course, ThriveCart Kickstart, Free!

If you already have ThriveCart and are feeling a bit overwhelming in learning how to use it then I invite you to check out my training called ThriveCart Kickstart:

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