BC Stack Business Bundle – My Bonuses & How to List-Build

In this free BC Stack Business Bundle training video I share with you how to build your list with bundles.

Beyond that you’ll learn the following:

  • How to choose a good business bundle to participate in – what to look for in bundle sale hosts, too!
  • Making sure you follow up with the email list that you build through the bundle so that you create community and get sales. These are your people – you need to know how to connect with them!
  • Unexpected benefits of participating in a business bundle sale.
  • What is included in my BC Stack Bonus – and there’s a lot!

Building your list with bundles is a great way to find so many benefits. Not only do you collaborate with other smart and successful business owners but you also get to see a sneak peek at their businesses.

This is a big learning experience for a low-cost of just buying the bundle. I did this many times over as I was growing my own email list and found that I learned so much just by participating in the process of joining the bundle. Being part of this kind of team effort is a powerful thing. It gets your name out there in bigger ways than you could do alone. It showcases you as an expert.

My biggest tip, though, is NEVER try to learn from all the offers in a bundle this big. Pick a few people or a few products you can learn from and leave the rest!

Inside BC Stack is my Core Message Marketing ($200 normally). You also get as my bonuses:

  • Pop Up Facebook Group detailing all the things I’m doing to promote this business bundle and get sales as an affiliate.
  • Personalized recommendation in the pop-up group of products from the BC Stack you can use to grow your own business.
  • PDF Report Case Study of all my affiliate marketing efforts, to take away. Will include links to videos.
  • My course on affiliate marketing – Lifestyle Affiliate Marketing ($190 nomally).
  • My class called Build Your List with Business Bundle Sales ($45 normally).
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