Marketing Connections: What are the benefits of relationship marketing?

If you’re looking to make marketing connections so that you grow your business in a way that is a win-win for everyone this article is for you!

Asking “what are the benefits of relationship marketing” will get you so far but it’s more important to think of how YOU can bring value. Then lean into the belief that by giving and creating TRUE relationships you will be able to help each other in a real, authentic and sustainable way.

Basically I’m saying… be a true friend, build marketing connections without expectations and just keep moving forward without trying to create the benefits of relationship marketing. Just let go and let them happen naturally.

What are the Benefits of Relationship Marketing?

The number one benefit and so often overlooked of building a business that leverages positive relationships and connections is that it FEELS GOOD.

Imagine a business where you don’t need any tricks, strategies, tactics and methods that you do just because you “have to”. So many people running businesses believe they have to do the “necessary evils” in order to achieve the good of the business.

This is such a slippery slope and it’s just not true!

The big benefit is a joyful, growing business that FEELS GOOD. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Benefits of Relationship Marketing to Customers:

  • You get repeat customers who LOVE you and buy again and again.
  • Customers stay a long, long time (brand loyalty).
  • You will gain new sales and equally loyal customers through FREE customer referrals.
  • You’ll easily find partners, affiliates and cross promotions that are win-win situations.

List of Ways to Achieve Marketing Connections

Your potential customers, partners and affiliates will feel a sense of connection with you if you do certain things effectively and consistently.

The list below gives you some of the activities I’ve seen proven time and again to build relationships in business.

Relationship Marketing in B2B and B2C

Think about people first, not the bottom line. The business grows when people feel like you are actually in business to serve them. That’s what a business is all about.

Consistency in Marketing & Giving Value

Some businesses show you that they’re consistent in trying to get your money but are they consistent in CARING and GIVING VALUE.

This can be as simple as the content you put out there demonstrating how you understand the needs of your customers. This truly builds better relationships and GOOD WILL to your potential customers and customers.

Being of Service in Business

It is so easy to spot a business that cares only about profits versus a business that is actually in line to be OF SERVICE to it’s customers.

If you want to learn what the benefits of relationship marketing are and the power of marketing connections then you’d do well to switch the mindset from “what can I make money from?” to “how can I best serve my customer?”.

So many businesses get this wrong! We see it all the time in bad customer service and that’s just the beginning of a businesses culture. If the customer isn’t being treated right you can best believe that the company doesn’t have being of service as top of mind.

It’s easy to stand out as a stand up business just by adopting this attitude: Be of service.

Authenticity to Create Marketing Connections & Customer Relationships

I’m told all the time that I am “real”. I personally don’t know any other way to be. I’ve recognized, however, that this gives me an incredible advantage for building marketing connections and building my business.

Nobody wants to talk to a fake person. It just doesn’t feel good. Nobody leaves happy. Not you (who’s trying to be “professional”) and not your potential partner or customer.

What does feel good is authenticity. If you are hiding who you are in your business this will just make you FEEL inauthentic. That feeling will translate into your energy and how you present everything you do. It’s always better to be who you really are.

How Building Relationships in Business Helped My Business

When I first started a business online I just wanted to sell soap from my website.

I figured I’d just put up a website, sell to strangers on the internet and go about my daily life.

Then I started looking for help and advice and I found these little online communities of people in forums (back in 2002) who became my friends. This was long before Facebook made it super easy to connect!

I had no idea at the time how very important and valuable those friendships would be to my long-term success!

You’ve heard it before that people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. It’s not just a catchy thing to say, it’s TRUE.

It’s multiple times harder to sell to an audience who doesn’t know you. So I highly recommend you start now building marketing connections and doing relationship marketing within your business. No agenda… just relationships. THEN when you find a good fit you reach out and it feels magical and right.

Here are some of the amazing marketing and business connections I’ve made over the years:

marketing connections - Cindy Bidar

Cindy Bidar of

relationships marketing & connections - Jen Hazlett

Jenn Hazlett of

Steps to Building Marketing Connections & Customer Relationships:

  • Step 1: Connect with people you like and have something in common.
  • Step 2: Build an actual, real, beneficial relationship with them.
  • Step 3: Offer ways to work together when it makes sense.

In the end relationships can bring so much value to your life and your business.

The key is to always be authentic, let go of expectations and think of others (the partners, the customers). SERVE first and think of how you can add value. This is key to marketing connections, customers relationships and a business that makes people good to buy from!

All the best as you grow your business by building relationships.

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