Life First, Then Business: What is a Lifestyle Business?

What is a lifestyle business is the kind of question you will start to consider when you realize it’s actually possible to put life first, THEN business.

A lifestyle business is a business that can be built AROUND your life.

Traditional business such as start-ups and corporations take ZERO consideration into how the people running the business can live their lives. It’s all about the profits and the business growth.

A lifestyle business is about profits and growth, too, but NEVER at the expense of the person running the business.

Lifestyle businesses are often, but not always, run by a solopreneur. This is someone working alone to create, grow and run the business. This business model works really well for moms and people who want to be digital nomads because we can work around what is most important to us, respectively!

What Is a Lifestyle Business – Ideas

If you need ideas on what kinds of businesses can be considered lifestyle businesses I have a list for you below.

The main thing that allows for a lifestyle business to thrive is FREEDOM. Are you free to work where you want, with who you want, work how you want and when you want? If so you’re likely running a lifestyle business. If not you may want to consider another path or start pivoting your business to fit more into a life you want to live.

Lifestyle Business Ideas:

  • Blogger – Blog around your life OR blog your life. I have a friend blogger who calls herself a “walking tax deduction”. Love this!
  • Email Marketer – You can send emails any time from any where. It’s a great way to have lifestyle freedom.
  • Freelancers – While freelancers do have clients if they’re smart about their projects and clients then they can live quite freely and build a life first, then business.
  • Digital Product Seller – You could sell on Etsy or on your own website and create either a manual or automated sales process. Selling digital products is a very scalable and very flexible business.
  • Affiliate Marketer – We love affiliate marketing for the things it frees us from doing – no customer service, no product creation, no dealing with refunds. Affiliate marketing is pure profit and you do it entirely on your terms.

Examples of Lifestyle Business

Here are some real-life examples of lifestyle business people I know. These are friends of mine or people I’ve purchased products from and I love what they do!

Example of Lifestyle Business: Chalene Johnson

Chalene has recently talked about how she traveled the world for over six months while her businesses run. She has six business and a team. So she doesn’t fit the description of entrepreneur but she certainly has created an incredible lifestyle freedom business. I recommend you check out her Instagram if you’re looking for lifestyle business inspiration!

Example of Lifestyle Business: Aisha Preece

Aisha is a blogger who has been teaching everything I know so far about SEO blogging and getting traffic. She runs six blogs and shares on her Instagram channel inspiring posts about how she’s living her lifestyle. I love watching her posts! I think you’ll enjoy them, too, here. Her main site is

Example of Lifestyle Business: Angela Wills

I’m giving myself as an example because I’m a mom of two who’s been raising my kids for 21 years while working online. I live first and I run my business second. I’ve proudly created a business that allows me all the freedom I want to raise my children. Business was never first priority but it served my life as a mom very well so far! I teach others what I know about this and invite them to build lifestyle businesses, too. You can see my instagram on lifestyle business freedom here.

How to Start a Lifestyle Business

After you’ve

  • Asked and -answered the question of what is a lifestyle business
  • Looked for some examples of lifestyle businesses to see if it’s truly for you and then
  • Moved on to being ready…

Here’s what I suggest:

Find someone with the same personal values as you, who’s living a lifestyle like the one you want to live and see what business model they are following. See if this fits for you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you think you could do it? (If you think you can’t before you start, you’re done for)
  • Do you WANT to do it?
  • Will it fit into the life you want to live?
  • Will it get you to the goals you want to achieve in life and business?
  • Does it match with your personality (if the person is an extovert doing things you never want to do – it’s not a match).

Find a good match and a good model and learn from them! I have found the very BEST things are learned through doing. So find someone who has a business model you can model and get to it! Get out there. Start selling, start building your community and working towards something.

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And if you just want some daily guidance and inspiration to build YOUR lifestyle business I’d love to be that one person you relate to and model. If it fits for you then feel free to get on my Letters from Angela email list by signing up below!

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