How to Write an eBook and Make Money

If you’re looking to build an online business and teach what you know then writing an ebook is a great way to get started!

Some advantages to writing an ebook are:

  • eBooks are a low tech way to break into selling digital products
  • Being an author opens doors and gets you invitations you wouldn’t otherwise
  • Having created a book, even an eBook builds your own confidence
  • eBooks are printable and some people keep these around their home for YEARS, giving you long term exposure and relationship building
  • eBooks can be great relationship builders with your audience and allow you to go deep on a topic for low-cost to your customers
  • There’s less commitment to buying an eBook because it’s a simple download.
  • Having an eBook can cement your status as an expert on the topic
writing an ebook for business

How to Write an eBook and Make Money

I sat down with my client and friend Gael Wood of Elevate with Gael to ask her about how to write an ebook and make money in your online business. Here’s the full interview and below I’ll give you some of the best highlights from this training:

eBook Writing Tips and Advice

Here are some of the best tips from this interview:

Ebook writing tips:

  • Outline your eBook – what do you want to include in your eBook?
  • Think about the outcome – what will they be able to do?
  • Consider all important things to add to your eBook.
  • Next, just start writing.
  • Introduction – Introduce yourself and why it’s important to you to share the content of the eBook.
  • Be sure to include what they’ll learn in your introduction or at the beginning of the eBook.
  • eBooks are flexible for length/format and it’s good to write an eBook that people can consume easily so they’ll want to come back and learn more from you.
  • Include a table contents and page numbers.
  • Usually an eBook is over 25 pages, a smaller and easy to consume book is about 100 pages and a longer book would be 200-300 pages.

After thinking about writing eBooks for my business and using them in so many ways I’m so excited to start adding more eBooks into my own business!

How to Use eBooks in Your Business

So if you’re looking for some other ideas on who to use eBooks in your business after you’ve written in here are some ideas:

  • Sell eBooks on your website.
  • Use eBooks as an email list builder giveaway.
  • Participate in collaborations and bundle giveaways/sales. Include your eBook.
  • Bundle your own eBooks to offer extra value.
  • Use eBooks as a bonus for other of your own products.
  • Use eBooks as a bonus for affiliate marketing.

Ultimately eBooks are versatile, low tech and high value digital products! They are highly undervalued. I hope this post has helped you see how to write and sell eBooks to add more income to your business!

If you’d like to learn more about eBooks from Gael, you can find more training in a special workshop bundle here:
How to write and make money with eBooks

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