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Re: A different kind of Business Coach Course
From: Angela Wills of Living Lifestyle Freedom…
To: Coaches, Course Creators and Those Who Crave Working One-on-One

I’m about to break myths, blow minds and explain to you how to earn thousands of dollars from coaching without one Discovery Call or Live Coaching Session. 

I know that’s a bold statement. 
But here’s the deal: As an introvert and someone who just doesn’t want to get on calls or book up calendars I’ve felt like I HAD TO do things a certain way. Now I’ve learned from experience:

  • Coaches DO NOT have to book calls. 
  • Coaches can have an empty calendar. 
  • Coaches DO NOT have to teach live, on zoom calls. 

I’ve been coaching for over ten years and I’ve proven that you can successfully Coach Without Calls! 

Just recently I offered my coaching without calls again and I signed five new coaching clients. Two paid in full and two 10-month payment plans. Since my coaching rate is $3750 USD four new clients equates to approximately $25k CAD (my currency). This happened quickly without discovery calls, live webinars, without any LIVE components or dates on my calendar whatsoever. 

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Have to Book Coaching Calls

Here's the part where I tell you what's
possible as an online business coach.

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Coaching Without Calls Allows You To:

  • Keep your calendar clear so that you can live life on your terms.
  • Scale your coaching practice larger than would ever be possible if you were booking live calls with each client.
  • Serve your clients at a high level in a way that works for YOU and YOUR CLIENTS.
  • Work with and serve an underserved section of people who don’t want calls and work better with written motivation and support.

What it means to coach without calls:

Here’s the thing: I LOVE to talk and when I get on a call with a client it’s like a chat-fest. I attract clients who enjoy talking, too! So I personally don’t find calls productive. I don’t feel like they’re a bad thing but because I’m trying to fiercely protect my time. In order to do that I had to take calls right out of the equation. 

I’m an Introvert. Calls drain my energy. 

Writing, I love it. I can type fast. I can record a loom video no problem. I can even easily respond to Voxer or Facebook DMs. All those happen on my time and they are how I support my coaching clients at a high, high level without having to be there live with them.

Ways to offering Coaching Without Calls:

  • Personal Email Coaching – Daily or Unlimited. 
  • Facebook Group Coaching (shhhh) – I’ve never seen anyone else do this! I love to set up a private Facebook group for my clients. It’s such an experience for them. 
  • Voxer Coaching – This is awesome for clients who love audio.
  • Loom Coaching – Whipping up quick videos to support my clients is just fun! 

In the course I’ll spill ALLLL the details on how to do any of these coaching or all of them. Plus all the ways I support my clients without calls. 

Here are the results one of my clients has had after applying this course: 

The Course That Launched My Coaching Program: I wouldn’t have had the courage to even try to do this if I hadn’t done Angela’s Coaching Without Calls course. What I learned from Angela is that you don’t have to do calls or fill up your calendar, and that you can structure your program so that it fits with your energy and your lifestyle. And when you do that, you are more likely to attract the people who really resonate with you. I spend less than an hour a day replying to my clients’ emails, and I absolutely love it!
Ruth Bowers

What you'll learn inside this savvy
business coach course:


It’s important to set the stage for yourself and your potential clients. Most people are used to coaching including calls or Zoom/webinar meetings. You may have clients who thing that they won’t get as much value from a coach who doesn’t do calls but that’s so far from the truth! In this module we’ll dig deep into why coaching without calls is awesome. 


This module gets full into the specifics of how to coach without calls. I’ll give you all the methods I’ve used or created myself with suggestions for adaptations.

It’s fun to find what works specifically for you! 


In this part of the training we’ll cover real strategies to sell your coaching and have your new clients feel fully confident in what they’re about to receive from working with you. 


This is where we talk about how to build relationships with your clients so they come back to work with you again and again. So that they tell you you’re underpriced. So that they keep being a customer and refer others to you. It’s all about building mutually beneficial relationships and this module covers it all. 

Who this business coach course is for:

Coaching Without Calls is for the coach who has an established expertise to share. 
Coaching others is a big responsibility and when people pay you good money to show them the way via coaching they do so with the trust in you that you actually have been there! 

I know you’re here today because you have that experience and expertise and NOW you want to stop doing your 1:1 coaching live and in person so you can free up your calendar and your life! 

You could be a business coach, life coach, wellness coach, weight loss coach and more. This coaching model for business will work for you… it’s about connection and relationships! 

I can’t wait to hear how it goes as you move into less coaching calls and more time freedom! 

How to register for Coaching without Calls:

Fill in the registration form below to register for the business coach course that teaches you how to start online coaching while keeping your calendar as free and clear as you like, AKA, Coaching without Calls.  

Remember – this is a Living Program – which means it will be updated regularly!

What You Get:
  • On-Demand Training Video & PDF of Presentation so you can learn in the way that works for you.
  • Intake and Course Completion forms to track your progress and Return on Investment.
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"Wonderful course!! Loved it!

Fast, easy to consume, straight to the point, and examples included."

Jeannette Ortega
"I truly appreciate your authenticity.
You're a joy to learn from and be associated with."
Tara Alexandra
Happy Customer
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