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Angela Wills, Owner of Email Practice Club membership.

From: Angela Wills of Living Lifestyle Freedom…
To: Coaches, Course Creators, Freelancers, Membership and Online Business Owners

If you’re not signed up as an affiliate and sharing your links with your community, clients and customers then you are absolutely leaving money on the table. Let’s talk about how to add more income without starting a whole new side hustle! 

Affiliate marketing simplified comes down to three things:

1. Sign up to an affiliate program and get a unique affiliate link. 
2. Share your link with the right people in the right places. 
3. Collect your commissions (or watch them automatically come into your PayPal). 

What I want to focus on here on this page and in my course is teaching you how to ADD affiliate marketing into what you already do. We’re not starting a new business. We’re not even really talking about changing much of what you already do at this time… we’re just teaching you how to get paid for helping your people buy what they’re already going to buy – with or without you! 

You can be an affiliate for things like:

  • Software needed for business or life.
  • Courses, training and memberships that you love, use and tell your people about. 
  • Physical products you use and share because they’re GOOD. 
  • and much, much more. 
Affiliate programs usually cost you zero money to join, so this is a very low-cost, high opportunity way to add more income to your business! 

I’ve personally been an affiliate market for about 15 years or so. Below are screenshots of money I’ve made in affiliate marketing: 

Cindy Bidar's Affiliate Program:

Coach Glue's Affiliate Program:

BC Stack's Affiliate Program:

Leonie Dawson's Affiliate Program:

Seamlessly Add Affiliate Marketing INTO Your Business

It’s so important to have backups for your business.

Multiple incomes streams isn’t just a nice thing, it’s practically a non-negotiable in times like these! 

Affiliate marketing is a side-hustle that you can EASILY and SEAMLESSLY incorporate into the business you’re already running. 

Then when you’re off doing “life stuff” you just might start getting random affiliate payments because you put in the work! 

Affiliate Marketing is Your "Gateway Marketing"

Affiliate marketing can be a gateway to amazing things for your business:

Partnerships – You’ll get insider sales tips, resources and more just by connecting with the companies affiliate manager. It’s a HUGE perk! This can lead to more partnerships.

Product Creation – Selling other people’s products gives you a great idea of what your community wants. This helps you move forward to create your own products.

Reputation Growth – As you succeed as an affiliate marketer you might notice your reputation will proceed you and people will look to have you as an affiliate.

You can begin as an affiliate marketing without spending any money at all.

In these easy steps:

Sign up for a free account of an email software (like ConvertKit or MailerLite).
Build your list with free methods.
Join an affiliate program for free (like mine 😉
Start sending emails and earning commissions.

It’s a simple process and in this training I keep it simple to learn!

How to be a Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer

It can feel overwhelming to start a new thing. 

My advice. Start with ONE affiliate program. 

For example my program takes less than a minute to sign up for and then you’re an affiliate marketer. 

Also – sign up for programs you’d promote anyway! That way you’re just fitting affiliate marketing right into your lifestyle business, easy peasy. 

Join the Lifestyle Affiliate Marketing Course for Your Steps & Strategy to Successful Affiliate Sales!

Affiliate Marketing is more than an additional stream of income. 

When you start winning at affiliate marketing you start getting recognized as a valued partner to the companies you promote. 

You start getting offers to promote other companies. 

You start getting recognition and offers from your peers. More opportunities become available to you. 

Extra income. 
Extra recognition.
Extra authority.

As a student of the Lifestyle Affiliate Marketing course you’ll leave the program feeling confident and comfortable that you can send out emails for other people’s products and start earning commissions on the sales that follow! 

When you sign up to this course you’ll get the following training modules:

  • Module 1: Understanding Programs & Finding the BEST 
  • Module 2: Organizing to Promote GREAT Affiliate Programs 
  • Module 3: How to be a STAND OUT Affiliate 
  • Module 4: Adding Affiliate Marketing INTO Your Business 

Here’s what learning these things can do for you:

  • Give you quick backup income to pull on anytime you need. 
  • Help you establish relationships with companies and businesses that you love. 
  • Make your customers and clients love you more for helping them find resources they need. 
  • Give you a source of backup income. 
  • Give you the ability to PIVOT your business to another income when and if needed (never know what will happen these days). 
  • Give you the opportunity to connect and partner with other affiliates. 
  • Give you another income stream without needing to create another business. 
This is for both business to business and business to customer affiliate programs. The strategies apply to both. Also this program leans heavily into teaching you how to sell with EMAIL MARKETING because that is an asset to your business – you won’t be affected by algorithms or Google’s changes, etc. Email marketing has been consistently bringing me affiliate income results for well over a decade! 

Who is Angela Wills and Why Do I Qualify to Teach Affiliate Marketing?

Hi, I’m Angela Wills.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for longer than I can remember. Probably somewhere around 15+ years. 

I’ve earned well over $80,000 in affiliate commissions over the years. 

I’ve earned $40,000 from just ONE company. 

Being an affiliate marketer for that long I’ve developed many strategies that are tried and true.

Proven methods I use time and again to earn more commissions. I’ll share all these with you in this training. 

I’ve won affiliate contests, gotten on leaderboards and gotten greater exposure and opportunities because of my affiliate efforts. I’ll teach you what I know so you can do the same. 

It’s great to earn the bonus commissions from an affiliate program.

What I love most is the recognition you get from being on leaderboards with other top marketers.  

It’ boosts your own visibility just to get your name out there like that and the ripple effects of that can’t even be measured. 

What Will You Get From This Course?

When you know how to do affiliate marketing well you will be able to:

  • Generate income in short order by promoting other people’s products. We’re talking in as little it takes to copy your affiliate link, write an email and hit send. 

  • Get on affiliate leaderboards. Many affiliate program owners host contests to get affiliates selling more. Getting your name on a leaderboard is easier than you think and helps in more ways than you’ll realize. 

  • Understand your market and sell more. By selling affiliate products you can test the waters to see what your following wants. This saves you time from having to create it yourself and helps you understand what they need/want.

How to register for Lifestyle Affiliate Marketing:

Simply complete the form below and pay the registration fee and you’re in! 

Here’s what you’ll get immediate access to:

  • On-Demand Video Modules with CC for easy learning and review.
  • Assignment with Each Module for taking fast action. 
  • List of MY favorite affiliate programs to promote (coming Friday, May 17th)
  • Affiliate Promotion Case Studies throughout 2024
    (for business to business AND business to customer affiliate programs). 

Once you’re signed up you’ll get immediate course access. 

"Angela is a rare gem. People who are always striving to learn and do better inspire me and Angela is truly an inspiration. I feel lucky to have found her."
Lara Champion
"I really needed someone who was more experienced with an affiliate program. I received great feedback from other people who used your service. I like fast, accurate service.."
Jenn Cangelosi
"You ask readers nicely to check out your products - your e-mails are always very nice in tone. Even though you know you are pushing product, you always pimp your products in a very nice manner; and finally..."
Ann Thompson
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