Email Nurture Sequence – Naw… you don’t need one.

Please allow me to jump on my soapbox for a moment re: the ever popular “Email Nurture Sequence”.

My thoughts are you don’t need one.

Here’s why:

The email nurture sequence also known as a lead magnet email sequence or an evergreen email sequence assumes that you need to build trust to earn the sale.

Now that in and of itself isn’t untrue.

You DO need to build trust to earn the sale.

But the idea that it can and should be done in a separate container as ALL THE REST of your content, marketing and relationship building is ridiculous.

You don’t need to “nurture” in a single sequence if you simply nurture all the time.

How to Nurture You Email WHILE Selling

There’s this idea that if you’re sending an email with an offer in it, if you’re TRYING to sell something, then you’re simple doing a bad thing.

I think setting yourself up to think the selling and the nurturing are separate things (via an email nurture sequence) is setting yourself up to think Good (nurture) vs Bad (selling).

This is just not true!

Isn’t your BEST offer the thing people have to pay you for?
Why is that hidden behind the guise of “let me give you some free stuff first so you like me before I try to sell you something”?

It shouldn’t be.

Establish that you are a salesperson, because whether you like it or not if you have something to sell and you didn’t hire someone to do it you ARE a salesperson.

The good news is you can sell and have people LOVE YOU for it at the same time.

What to do INSTEAD of an Email Nurture Sequence?


All at the same time.

Write content that helps people.

Help them understand what you sell.

Help them buy what’s right for them.

Don’t be aggressive and pushy.

Be a HELPFUL human…

The rest will seriously work itself out.

This is How Email Marketing Gets to be FUN!

I’m so excited you’ve made it to the bottom of this email.

If you’ve made it here and you’re excited about the idea of ditching the email nurture sequence then you’re about to find a whole new world of EASY email marketing!

I teach this. I live it. I love it.

As someone who’s been daily email marketing for well over ten years I know what it takes to succeed in email marketing.

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ditch the email nurture sequence!

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