Advantages to Email – The Benefits of Email Marketing (Cross-Blog Convo)

I’m excited to talk about advantages to email in this post – it’s my favorite topic!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually participated in a Cross Blog Conversation before.

If you’re unfamiliar a Cross Blog Conversation is where two bloggers have a conversation over a series of blog posts.

Kelly McCausey asked me to do one with her on Email Marketing and of COURSE I was game! This should be fun.

Advantages of email marketing - questions on this topic.

You can see post number one, Kelly’s initial post and question, here:
Cross Blog Conversation with Kelly McCausey on Email Marketing, Part 1

I’m thrilled that Kelly decided we should discuss email marketing as our conversation topic. I’ve been using email marketing as my number one method of marketing my business for about fifteen years. Of course I’m also running Email Practice Club to teach others how to create lifestyle freedom by sending consistent emails.

Now let’s get on with you listening in to Kelly and my conversation about sending emails. Here are my responses to Kelly’s questions…

How I Feel About the Advantages to Email Marketing:

My relationship with email marketing started, in large part, indirectly because of you, Kelly.

I was in your membership group and I just one day decided to start a post asking others in the group if there was one thing they could change when they got started if they knew then what they know now.

Almost every single reply of probably about a dozen people said an emphatic “email marketing”!

That certainly got my attention and had me diving down the email marketing hole and becoming a dedicated lover of sending emails to my people!

I feel like my email list is my direct connection to my community of potential customers and customers and I treat my emails as if I were writing emails to a friend. That works for me and makes it pretty easy to send emails and never feel like a pest.

Would I Run a Business Without Email Marketing?

Oh boy I just can NOT imagine not having an email list.

If it ever came down to some sort of situation where I couldn’t have an email list I would really need to rethink and recreate what I do to earn a living online.

My email list and email marketing is literally my one and only when it comes to how I make my living. You might call that putting all my eggs in one basket but this basic has been holding strong for 15 plus years when we’ve seen many, many other methods come and go.

I feel confident in it’s staying power but I AM always looking for and open to other methods of building income streams as well.

Ignore the Advantages of Email and Get Business Growth Without an Email List?

There has not been a single growth moment in my business, that I can recall, without an email list.

I have enjoyed dabbling in site flipping over the last little while but that income and staying power pales in comparison to email marketing, at least to the level I’m working at at the moment. Even then, if I were a professional website flipper I would 1000% use email marketing to connect with potential buyers.


I loved answering these questions Kelly, so fun! And of course I love email marketing!

Now I have some questions for you:

I know you have various businesses and I’m totally curious about how you use email marketing in each of those businesses. Do you approach email differently for each business? I’m a daily email marketer. Where do you fall in this area? I think at one time you sent daily emails but I see less from you lately so I’m curious what your plan is these days and how that fits with your business model.

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