Email Marketing Membership – Why I started one (Cross-Blog Convo)

This is the final post in a four part series with Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money.
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And the final post is right here and right now 🙂

Kelly I loved reading how you use email marketing in each of your four separate businesses and how you are also able to cross promote those business. The power of the email. So smart!

Thanks for asking about Email Practice Club.

How I Came Up with the Idea to
Start an Email Marketing Membership

The idea to start a membership about writing emails came from working with a client who had a list, had offers and had a proven method but she was really struggling to write and send those emails.

The business she was running already had a proven track record of sales with emails but she was having a hard time wrapping her mind around HOW to write them in a way that was time effective and got results. Also, with consistency. Consistency of writing was not happening.

I was by her side guiding her but it wasn’t working. It didn’t seem like enough. I really felt it would take greater understanding of the overall process, more time and more “practice” for it to sink in.

That’s when I knew she and many other might benefit from a “Hit Send Support Club”!, where I can teach not only how to write simple emails that get results but also I’ll help my customers understand list-building, idea generation, planning emails and more.

When it occurred to me to offer this kind of training I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner! I’ve been ALL ABOUT emails for so long it just makes total sense for me to teach it. It’s the sole method by which I make my income online.

The Greatest Benefit of Joining My Email Marketing Membership, Email Practice Club

One of the coolest and perhaps greatest benefits I’ve seen is that when people join the club they seem to instantly start emailing MORE. It’s like paying for the membership makes them immediately accountable to take action and use what they’ve got to earn that money back and more.

I’ve been on a number of my customer’s lists for years and years. Many of them decided to join and I noticed an immediate uptick in the number of emails they’ve been sending. I am feeling pretty confident in assuming that meant an uptick in sales!

Many of them started promoted Email Practice Club, too, and earning commissions there so I know about that boost first hand.

A Common Stumbling Block of Email Practice Club Members & Tip to Overcome It

I would say the biggest stumbling block is not knowing what to say in emails, which I’ve decided comes from not knowing what to sell. Not knowing what to sell comes from not knowing what your message is or who you’re talking to.

This is why I created the class called Finish Strong, which is free with membership. The salespage I set up really doesn’t do it justice so let me tell you what’s on the agenda for that class. It’s:

  • Tools I Use for Promotional Planning
  • Where to Start (Core Messages)
  • Where to Store Ideas
  • How to Plan
  • How to Adapt
  • Assignment

So what I teach people to do is define their core message and then start creating products, emails and offers that center around that message or messages.

For example for me my core messages are Lifestyle Freedom, Life (and Family) First, Protecting Your Time Fiercely, Honest & Ethics First and You Can be Independent.

Kelly this kind of core message in part comes from an activity I did with you on Core Values. I touch on those first in the training as the Core Messages come from Core Values. Coaching benefits really never end 😉

The messages all work together and keeping those in mind I’m never at a loss for a new product or class idea or a new email to send. I teach my people it’s an ongoing conversation where you are sharing what’s important to you and building the relationship based on who you really are. It’s pretty fun once you get it down!

Kelly, thank you so much for initiating this cross-blog conversation – it’s been so much fun!

And thank you to those who’ve been following along and flipping back and forth on our blogs – I hope you’ve enjoyed this unique type of blog series ala Kelly from Love People + Make Money, she’s been doing this for longer than I can remember (Kelly’s really awesome so go see what she does if you haven’t yet 😉

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