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I’m excited to do a detailed ConvertBox review for you in this post. I worked hard on making sure you have all the info you need to decide if it’s right for you!

If I left anything out or missed anything please feel free to contact me and let me know.

ConvertBox is a software tool you login to and then install on your website, blog, shopping cart and/or salespages.

By doing this you add the functionality of things like opt-in forms, quizzes, surveys and more.
You can use it to guide people with words, images or videos through you site.
You can use it to add people to your email list with a click or call them out by name with customizations.

It’s very feature rich!

You’ll learn all about it in this review.

A Little Background:

Before we jump into the ConvertBox review, let me give you a little background.

I’m a mom of two… one grown and one at home. I run my business as a solopreneur and I focus on lifestyle freedom. I value time-freedom and efficiency. Boy oh boy does ConvertBox deliver on that!

Firstly, I’m very NEW using ConvertBox but I thought it would be a great idea to document the use from new, so you can see the experience as you use it as well.

And second, this ConvertBox review will be a bit of a “living” entity as I come back to update it as I experience more of the program.

Ok so let’s get into it…

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a bit hard to classify as one thing.

It might be easier for you to look up a few ConvertBox reviews like this one and just see how people use it.

Either way here’s how I see it…

ConvertBox calls itself an “on site engagement platform” that will build your list, engage your visitors and drive more sales. I like that.

In order to explain what it is, here are a bunch of things that ConvertBox can do:

ConvertBox is a Leads & Engagement Tool

Here’s my attempt at classifying it…

ConvertBox is a tool to create a very customizable and personalizable box on your site.

It can be a pop-up.
You can be embed it in your site.
Or you could create a bar across the top of your site.
It can have an email sign up form with videos, images and more.

The options for use are limited only by your creativity!

Need a pop-up sign up form – of course!
Want a time-limited offer bar across your site – no problem!
Want a on-click video with a webinar training – easy peasy!

Before we go any further why don’t I just SHOW YOU what ConvertBox is all about. Here’s a pretty candid view of how I have used ConvertBox so far. This isn’t everything I can do but it’s all I’ve been working on so far.

ConvertBox Examples of Use

ConvertBox Benefits

I actually first bought ConvertBox for it’s pop-up benefits.

Nice Looking Forms, Pop-Ups and More:

It’s really NICE looking.

This might seem superficial but it’s not. It’s important that your forms look like they FIT on your site.

Anything that looks like it doesn’t belong can create distrust with your readers. That can get you less opt-ins and just have you lose people altogether.

You don’t want that! This is a main benefit that made me decide to buy this software.

ConvertBox Can Be Used on Multiple Platforms in the ONE Account:

I can add the form to 10 of my sites. I bought the base version.

If you buy the pro version you can add it to up to 50 sites. This really sets you up to work on and manage these forms for clients if that’s something you’d like to do.

For me, I want to add it to many sites and blogs without having to pay for ConvertBox every time I start a new site.

That’s awesome! Each site gets it’s own dashboard, too, which is super easy to use and keep your sites organized.

SMOOTH Integration into WordPress.

ConvertBox is the smoothest form I’ve EVER integrated with WordPress.

Most forms look wonky (for lack of a better description) and you end up needing to keep working on the form, tweak, tweak, tweak or just find another way to do it.

I got so frustrated with my forms I ended up just linking to the landing page. Then I bought ConvertBox and the problem was solved.

This benefit alone is worth every penny I paid for it.

Very easy to use.

I don’t like reading instructions.

Some software programs I HAVE TO read them or else I can’t use it.

ConvertBox setup is so intuitive I did it all almost without checking any instructions.

There was a point where I did need to watch a couple of videos.

The training videos, though, were super easy to find and well organized – which is important.

I bought another software program recently who’s training videos were hard to follow. Bad instructions make it HARDER to use the software, not easier.

Lots of Techy Things Included.

ConvertBox includes some very awesome techy features.

These include targeting, segmenting, tracking and A/B split testing. I haven’t even begun to dig into these features but I surely appreciate that they are there.

Want examples?

Here are some ways I’ve used ConvertBox on my site in the first week of using it – so fast to do it’s actually FUN!

Smoothly integrated into a WordPress blog post:

ConvertBox review: opt-in form in blog posts on WordPress

Pop up on a salespage created in a manner of minutes:

ConvertBox review: pop-up opt-in on a salespage

Opt-in form for the bottom of every page of my site:

ConvertBox review: opt-in at the bottom of every WordPress page

Now that you can see some of the awesome benefits, let’s get into the features that make ConvertBox great.

ConvertBox Review of Features

Here are the features straight from the site with my comments added 🙂

  • Engage – You can customize any ConvertBox form to have personalization like the person’s name or any other info they’ve submitted into forms. So when they revisit your site you can welcome them back by name!
  • Guide – Give your visitors choices and options with the forms and then guide them through to what serves them best.
  • Capture – Create sign up forms and integrate with your favorite tools to pass that information seamlessly.
  • Convert – ConvertBox has built in countdown timers which can be used to prompt action as appropriate.
  • Embed – Add videos into pop-ups, calendars and more. This is a really cool feature!
  • Segment – There are some very detailed segmenting you can do.

Some really cool uses for these features:
  • Instructions – Guide your visitors through your site or products.
  • Cart Abandon – Save the sale with a pop up or by setting up an action to send an email.
  • Coupon Discount – Pop up a discount coupon code and direct people to a relevant deal.
  • Limited Offers – Use a countdown timer to display a limited offer.
  • Announcements – Need a temporary announcement. Super easy with ConvertBox.

Lots of great features. So what’s it cost?

Let’s talk about pricing.

ConvertBox Pricing

ConvertBox costs $495 with no ongoing fees, ever. That gets you 250k views per month and use on 10 sites.

If you upgrade to ConvertBox Pro for $95 you get more.

Below you’ll find more info on the pro if you’d like to consider it.

ConvertBox Pro

You can upgrade to ConvertBox Pro right on the initial order form if you know you are going to need more pageviews than 250k or more sites than 10.

ConvertBox Pro gives you 500k pageviews per month and 50 sites.

I personally don’t know why one person would be running 50 sites. I’m assuming this is more something agencies would use. They run sites for clients and bill them for the ongoing service, which is smart!

When I signed up I didn’t grab ConvertBox pro. Now I don’t see a way to upgrade myself manually from within my account.

I’m guessing if I contact support they’ll allow it, though I don’t know the price if you don’t take it immediately.

If you have high traffic sites or you want to use more than 10 sites with ConvertBox grab the upgrade to Pro.

That way you make it easy on yourself and won’t have to track it down!

ConvertBox & WordPress

Of course this ConvertBox review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning WordPress.

Connecting ConvertBox and WordPress was really easy.

You simply need to go ahead to your plugins section of WordPress and click on “Add New” and then search for the ConvertBox plugin. The official name of the plugin is: ConvertBox Auto Embed WordPress plugin

ConvertBox review: ConvertBox and WordPress integration

Once you find that plugin install it. After you install it you will need to add a one-time code. You get the code from clicking on your icon in the top right corner of ConvertBox and then clicking on “installation”.

Then whenever you create a form you add a shortcode where you’d like it to show up.

In most cases just go ahead and pop the shortcode into WordPress and it will figure it out. In some cases you need to pull up the shortcode widget or block and add it into there.

You can even create different codes for different locations on your site. The tracking shows you which form it came from when you have more than one ConvertBox on your site:

Using ConvertBox boxes in various website locations

I absolutely LOVE how easy it is to use ConvertBox and add these forms to my WordPress site.

This ease of use and rich robust features is really going to make the purchase of ConvertBox pay for itself over and over again.

That’s a very good thing! More subscribers and engagement is directly related to more sales.

ConvertBox Lifetime Deal

The ConvertBox lifetime deal is pretty amazing.

A comparable tool that does JUST countdown timers is priced at $99/month, approximately $1200/year.

ConvertBox is just $495 lifetime deal – never pay again.

And it does so much more than so many other tools I’ve seen, in such a smooth and smart way.

Truly impressive.

Integrating ThriveCart with ConvertBox

I was trying to find out how to integrate ThriveCart with ConvertBox. I went to YouTube and searched videos but nobody was telling me the first, essential step. That is to add your ThriveCart URL as a website into your ConvertBox account.

Like this:

Here is the full tutorial on ConvertBox on how to integrate the two.

Also I HIGHLY recommend ThriveCart as a shopping cart!

It’s amazing and it is owned by the same company as ConvertBox. Works so smoothly together, once I figured out how to integrate them.

ConvertBox Review Questions

When I started sharing my love of ConvertBox with my own email community I started getting some good questions. I thought I’d review those here in case you were wondering any of the same.

Question: What is your favorite thing about ConvertBox?

I have to say the ease of use is amazing and probably my favorite thing.

It just means that I can get forms created super fast. As a matter of fact the pop ups WITH video you see on the following three salespages were created so fast it kind of blows my mind:

Opt-in on salespage for masterclass
Opt-in on salespage for masterclass
Opt-in on salespage for masterclass

I created the first popup by recording a video in Loom – a super easy to use browser app – in less than 2 minutes. Then I went into CovertBox with my Loom embed code and whipped up this form.

I repeated this same process for the next two salespages. I just cloned the first box, making it even faster!

Ease of Use = Efficiency = Earn more money in less time. ❤️ that!

Question: Does ConvertBox work on ThriveCart?

Yes it does and it’s a nice, easy process. You simple add the URL in ConvertBox of your ThriveCart account.

Then you place the installation code where ever you want a convertbox to show.

For my salespages I went to the custom code section on my product setup and added the installation code. Then in ThriveCart I use the URL of the salespage as the destination for the form and it’s ready to go.

Question: Can I buy ConvertBox if I already have ThriveCart?

Yes for sure. I had ThriveCart before I bought ConvertBox. Then I just went to the ConvertBox site HERE and bought it.

If you do decide to buy ConvertBox as a result of this review (or any of my advice) and you buy it through my link I am going to give you two bonuses:

  1. My Email for a Living course, worth $250
  2. ConvertBox training on how I’m using it to boost my own business (so I’ll walk through all my uses with examples).

Question: Does ConvertBox have an affiliate program?

Yes they do!

If you’d like to be an affiliate and maybe do your own ConvertBox review like this one then you can apply through the ThriveCart system – there is actually a little graphic directing you right to the sign up in the affiliate area.

If you happen to be an affiliate of ThriveCart already you might not know they made all ThriveCart affiliates automatically ConvertBox affiliates as well. Check your account if so!

Question: Does ConvertBox integrate with Shopify?

I don’t personally have a Shopify account but right on the salespage they indicate that yes you can use it with Shopify. You can see the instructions right here on ConvertBox website on how to integrate ConvertBox and Shopify.

Question: Can I see how you set up ConvertBox?

The best way to see behind the scenes in my own business is to get on my email list as well as follow my stories on Instagram here.

Other than that, though, here are some of the ways I’ve used ConvertBox:

  • Create a form within a blog post – you can see that here: Work at Home Mom Schedule
  • At the bottom of every page of my site. Look below this post – it should be there.
  • One salespages as a pop-up opt-in for more info – check the question above re my favorite thing about ConvertBox to see the forms (or you can see them linked to the actual page from my offers page here).

I hope that’s answered all of your questions.

If you’re considering buying ConvertBox be sure to check this next part for more info on bonuses I’ve added.

ConvertBox Bonuses:

I’m including bonuses for purchases of ConvertBox bought through my affiliate link.

Of course that means I am a ConvertBox affiliate. This means if you buy through my links in this post I’ll earn a commission.

You’ll never pay more for this but you can GET more.

If you click on my link and buy the program I will gift you my course Email for a Living – please use the contact form on this site to claim – AND I will give you my ConvertBox BTS (Behind the Scenes).

In ConvertBox BTS I will show you all the uses both present and future of how I’m using ConvertBox to grow my business.

Buy ConvertBox Here

ConvertBox Review Conclusion

Without a doubt in this ConvertBox Review that this is one of the BEST TOOLS I’ve ever used for my business.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • EASE of use. It is just so dang intuitive! You can tell the people who created it put REAL thought into making it easy for REAL people (not techy people or people who love puzzles) to use! That means I get it done, get out and go on to other money-making tasks. WIN!
  • Smooth operation. It just works sooo well. It looks sooo good on my sites. I can’t make this up. You can look HERE and HERE and HERE to see examples.
  • Copy feature. Whoa Nelly when I wanted to copy a form from one salespage to another what might take me an hour or more in other software took me mere minutes! That kind of time saving just can’t be over-appreciated.

To Recap This ConvertBox Review:

Convertbox is a great multipurpose site engagement and lead generation tool / software.

It is rich in features and benefits that will surely allow you to use all the creativity you have.

ConvertBox will enhance your website, salespages, shopping carts and more.

The smooth operation of this software will allow you to get more done quickly and efficiently.

You can buy it for a one-time fee of just $495 and upgrade to Pro for just $95 to add more views and more sites to use it with.

ConvertBox is set to become YOUR favorite tool, as it is one of mine.

More on that favorite tool bit…

Favorite Software Purchase of All Time?

I can’t conclude this review without saying ConvertBox is potentially one of my favorite online software purchases ever. That is saying something as I have been working online since 2002 and I have bought a LOT of software programs.

In summary, is it worth it? Absolutely. I think so!

Will it pay for itself? That is up to you but I’m aiming to earn back my $500 paid in short order and then 100’s of times more as a result of the effectiveness of ConvertBox!

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