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In 2007 I quit my job to be a Virtual Assistant working from home, online. I had already been in business for five years at that point and had FINALLY found something that worked! From there I moved on to create digital courses and I sold them ALL through email marketing and affiliates (who also used email marketing). 

This is why I’m so passionate about email. I have earned well over one million dollars in digital product sales from email marketing and it STILL works. 

These classes are all mini-courses. They have action-based learning that you can take, use and make money with! Each class is $45 OR you can get them all for FREE when you join Email Practice Club (see offer at the bottom of this page)

ditch the email nurture sequence!

Selling & Serving in Emails

As a digital product seller your highest value IS your products. If they cost money they best be your best stuff or it’s time to work on your product value, not your emails! 

You can sell in EVERY SINGLE EMAIL in a way that ALSO provides huge value to your list. 

List Building for Everyone

If you’re tired of hearing coaches and mentors and the whole wide word telling to to “build your list” and then not having a clue HOW to do that then you might want this training. 

Endless Email Ideas

Using your core values I’ll show you how to establish Core Messages. Keep your audience connected with you, keep your messaging consistent and create a bond that will have people buying what you sell because YOU are selling it! Ultimate customer loyal happens when you use core messaging for your marketing. 

Build Your List with Blog Traffic

Whether you’re just getting started building website traffic to your site or you get thousands (or tens or hundreds) of visitors, now is a GREAT TIME to build and grow an email list. 

With a steady flow of traffic you basically have the email marketing DREAM. 

Build with an Affiliate Program

This is a class for you if you want to collaborate with others and share win-win-win situations (your new people win – your affiliates win – you win). 

Build with Bundle Events

When you participate in one of these events and someone claims your product they join YOUR email list. One by one you can get dozens or hundreds of people popping onto your list in a few days from any one event. 

Build Your List with Challenges

I love running challenges and I have always gotten great results from running them and engaging with my community. The effects are far-reaching as you create so much goodwill with your challengers! I look forward to sharing this info with you so you can apply it to your business! 

Chat GPT for Email Help

I write all my own content. I sometimes use Chat GPT as an assistant. In this training I’ll show you around the tool, give you the prompts I use and explain how to use ChatGPT to help with your email marketing. 

Genuine Email Marketing

One of the biggest reasons you struggle with email marketing is if it doesn’t FEEL right you won’t do it. The way most people do email is the only model many have for “email marketing” and that model can be pushy, aggressive, all about “me, me, me”. 
What if email marketing were GENUINE, though? 

Know Your Numbers

9 times out of 10 when someone says to me it’s not working and I ask them how much traffic they got, what their conversion rate is or how many people they NEED to see the page to make the sales they wanted they can’t tell me. 
So in the Know Your Numbers class we’re doing to dig deep into this and we’re going to once and for all have the words “it’s not working” banished from your vocabulary! 

The Welcome Setup

Stop Pressuring Yourself to Create a “Nurture” or “Welcome” Series! Learn a Simple, step by step welcome setup and move on to the good part – making money and helping people with your emails list! 

Writing Emails Faster

What if, in thirty minutes per day, you could have a consistent habit that generates your income? This is what it’s like for me in my business. If I have time for nothing else I write emails and those emails create the lifestyle freedom I live. I’d love to teach you all I know about writing emails FASTER. 


Find Anything Anywhere

Nobody wants to spend time looking for things.

Find Anything Anywhere is a clear system for getting work done, instead of wasting time looking for what you need! 

Finish Strong

Finish Strong teaches you a system of organizing and planning your business marketing so you can get to work, rather than work on the fly! 

Outrageous Goalsetting

Outrageous Goalsetting is all about your income goals and what actions you need to do to make them happen. This entire class is based around a single spreadsheet I will teach you about. 


Here’s what you get every month as a member of Email Practice Club email marketing membership: email prompts, tutorials and behind the scenes of my own email marketing, too!

  • Monthly Email Marketing Class  – Once a month new training designed to help you either build your list to earn more money each month, build your relationships to build a long-term sustainable business or get more sales from the list you already have!
  • Library of Training Classes – There are topics on everything from building your list, to writing faster (without AI), to selling in email and so much more! If you’re wondering how to do email marketing, this is the membership for you. 
  • Monthly Email Prompts – Every month you’ll receive a Google doc and PDF of Prompts that you can customize, make notes on, print and use to get into your regular email “practice”. This is a helpful way to keep the emails flowing! 
  • Monthly “Pep Talks” – This is a favorite in the membership! Every month I post a new pep talk where I encourage you with a story or example of how to grow, maintain or sustain your business. I make these motivational and inspiring and hope-filled!  
  • MEMBER PERK: Members save 50% on all other courses from Living Lifestyle Freedom. This coupon saves you lots of money and gives you additional learning. Can make your membership free, even, with all the savings you incur if you love my courses, too! This is worth a REAL SAVINGS of hundreds of dollars a year. Buy two courses a year and you’ve covered the cost of your membership just in savings! 

Thank you for celebrating my Quitaversary with me! 

And please remember this is about you, too. It’s about the possibilities of what YOU can create in your life and your business. If you’re in a job you hate right now, I get you! 

Don’t let your life continue to be what you don’t want and take action, ANY action, toward your dreams. If it’s buying my classes or joining my membership I’m honored to help. 

No matter what you do PLEASE believe in yourself and that you are worthy of this kind of lifestyle. It’s not just for me. I really don’t believe that. And you don’t have to be a superstar 1% to create an incredible, lovely, awesome life with an online business. I can’t wait to hear from you and cheer you on! 


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