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Hello from Angela Wills 😊
re: Email Sales & List Building Challenge

I dreamed up an email challenge the other day.

One that isn’t five quick days of handy tips you forget by next week.

One that FINALLY answers the question “how do I BUILD my list?” once and for all.

One that helps you fully understand how to SELL to your list.

And then I decided to run it. So here we are! The Email Results Challenge is born!

If you know you want in without need to read another word you can scroll down to the boxes and sign right on up!

Angela Wills teaching list building and email marketing.

Email Marketing is THE BEST

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all the benefits of email marketing. You’ve heard them before but let’s recap:

Email marketing provides a $36 return for every $1 spent.
Your emails land in the inbox of ALL the valid emails you send to (compared to a TINY % of social media posts seen).
An email list is an ASSET that increases the value of your business, social media doe not.
Your email list is yours. It can’t be wiped out by an algorithm change or a site shutting down.
List building software registration can be free and the monthly costs are very reasonable as your list grows and makes you money. So it pays for itself!

The most important benefit, from where I stand, is FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

Email marketing allows you to run a business on your terms.

Time and again one of the most effective, affordable, reliable and awesome ways to build your business is through email marketing.

I’m tired of seeing people struggle in this area!

So I’m doing something about it with the Email Results Challenge!

Don’t list build alone, let’s do this together…

Join Us For… The Email Results Challenge!

The Email Results Challenge is a List Building and List SALES Challenge.

Building the list is the first step, earning the money is the GOAL.

The challenge is ready for you anytime you’d like to start. You will be supported throughout that time with a Facebook Group just for the challenge, a PDF Guide to walk you through the HOW and supportive pop-up posts and videos in the group throughout the challenge.

So let’s cover it all over the third quarter of the year so you can rock the fourth quarter with more email results!

Here’s What You Get With the Email Results,
Sales & List Building Challenge:

Email Results Challenge PDF Guide – Just pick a path from the guide and follow it along.
Proven Email Marketing Methods – Use what works to grow your list and make sales.
Access to the July through September Cohort Group – No need to go it alone, list build together!
Emails to Guide You Through the Challenge – Prompts help you remember to keep moving.
Monthly Check-in Forms – These will keep you accountable to taking action.
One a Month Prize Draws for Action Takers – Fill in your form and be entered to win!

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Who Am I to Run an Email Results Challenge?

I’ve been selling through email for almost 15 years.

Growing up I was called shy, quiet and “a good student”.

You know what that means, right?

It means I wasn’t up there convincing people to go jump off a bridge or anything like that. The quiet, reserved, doesn’t want to get in people’s space or have people in mine type of person.

YET – I make all my money through email marketing.


Daily emails that are awesome.
Not pushy. Not “Bro Marketing” agressiveness.

Plain ol’ being helpful and offering helpful products.

Emails get sent on MY timeline.
I’ve been free to do what I want since I quit my factory job as a single mom in 2007.
I know how to make money online and make it through emails and I LOVE to teach others!

Consistent sales is my norm because I send consistent emails.

I’d love to teach you to do it, too!

List Building Challenges & Sales Struggles Do NOT Need to Stop You in Your Tracks…

You can start being more consistent by sending 2-3 emails a week and ramp up from there if you’d like to be a daily email marketer like myself.

What’s most important to me about email marketing, though, is how much lifestyle freedom I generate with it! I’m free to live life on my own terms and to me that is priceless.

Ready to FINALLY Get Results with Email?
Take this Sales & List Building Challenge!

We know your list won’t grow and your sales won’t happen without effort.

The issue is most people don’t know what effort is WORTH IT.

This challenge takes the guesswork out.

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Email Practice Club members get this challenge at no extra charge (aka FREE!).

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Answers to some questions you might have:

Who is this list building challenge for?

The challenge is for anyone who wants to grow and make sales from their email list.

It’s important you are willing to put list building and email sales as a priority during this challenge.

Also, you’ll need something to sell. This can be services, coaching, digital products, courses, webinars, affiliate offers, etc.

It doesn’t really matter what you sell but you need something you can consistently offer to your list to be the most effective with getting Email Results!

Who is the list building challenge not for?

If you don’t already have your email list setup this challenge is not for you UNLESS you can set it up quickly before the challenge or on your own.

I’m not teaching list setup in this challenge BUT I do offer lots of training on list setup and all things email marketing in Email Practice Club. If you are a member you do get this challenge FREE, too!

When does this list building challenge run?
Anytime you want to start it – it’s “evergreen”!

This is enough time to build your list AND build your sales – concurrently.

We will focus on making sure you truly understand how this all works so you feel confident and capable of building your list and selling to them in the ways that make sense for you.

Can I join anytime?

Not for this one!

We have a sharp registration deadline of July 5th.

This allows any last-minute joiners but also makes sure no one is left behind by joining late.

Registration will close on July 7th at midnight and no new challenges can join after that time.

How does it work?

Sign up for the challenge and you will receive your PDF Guide and List Building Methods Guide immediately.

Upon sign up you will be invited into the Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and start to get to know other challengers and members.

I envision the group as a place where you can share ideas, ask questions and get support as you grow your list and your sales.

I will be popping into the group daily from Monday to Friday.

Please note this won’t be a hand-holding kind of thing, I won’t be coaching you in the group but it will be a wonderful place and space to connect, share progress, ask questions and come see the new posts I create to guide you through the challenge.

During the challenge your assignment is to build your list and grow your sales – simple and effective!

How do I join this list building challenge?

Below you have two options:

1. Join the challenge for a one-time payment of $80.
2. Join Email Practice Club for $20/month and get the challenge FREE.

Select whichever option is right for you and you’ll be in!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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Email Practice Club members get this challenge at no extra charge (aka FREE!).

You can sign up and get this challenge free at by clicking below:

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