What If You Could Send Regular, Friendly Emails
to Earn a Living & Create Lifestyle Freedom?

Hello! Angela Wills here. 
I know your time is valuable so let’s get right to the point. 

I’m an email marketer who’s obsessed with regular email “letters”. I have a list of extremely loyal subscribers (people, not leads) and they buy from me daily. I’ve done this in many niches and businesses.

Here’s how you can benefit as a member of this email marketing membership who is taking action to build your business with email:

  • Build your email list so to scale your income and work less while earning more. 
  • Earn a minimum $1 per subscriber per month so you have a dependable source of income, always. 
  • Build long-term relationships for long-term customers and easier future sales.

Let's Get Obsessed with Sending Regular Email "Letters"...

When you join the Email Practice Club you’ll learn about the practice of email marketing. Doing it as if it’s a natural conversation. A relationship that flows, that needs not be pushed… that comes easily. 

Don’t underestimate this non-aggressive, friend-by-your-side style of email marketing…

Email Practice Club is the email marketing membership for non-marketers. No manipulation necessary!

Email Practice club is a space for you to learn how to do email marketing in a way that feels really GOOD to you! 

I also provide you with email prompts, tutorials and behind the scenes of my own email marketing, too!

Email Practice Club email marketing membership. :)

Here’s what you get every month as a member of Email Practice Club email marketing membership: email prompts, tutorials and behind the scenes of my own email marketing, too!

  • Monthly Email Marketing Class  – Once a month new training designed to help you either build your list to earn more money each month, build your relationships to build a long-term sustainable business or get more sales from the list you already have!
  • Library of Training Classes – There are topics on everything from building your list, to writing faster (without AI), to selling in email and so much more! If you’re wondering how to do email marketing, this is the membership for you. 
  • Monthly Email Prompts – Every month you’ll receive a Google doc and PDF of Prompts that you can customize, make notes on, print and use to get into your regular email “practice”. This is a helpful way to keep the emails flowing! 
  • Monthly “Pep Talks” – This is a favorite in the membership! Every month I post a new pep talk where I encourage you with a story or example of how to grow, maintain or sustain your business. I make these motivational and inspiring and hope-filled!  
  • MEMBER PERK: Members save 50% on all other courses from Living Lifestyle Freedom. This coupon saves you lots of money and gives you additional learning. Can make your membership free, even, with all the savings you incur if you love my courses, too! This is worth a REAL SAVINGS of hundreds of dollars a year. Buy two courses a year and you’ve covered the cost of your membership just in savings! 

May 2024: Build Your List with Blog Traffic


These Are The Classes You'll Get Immediate Access To:

What Email Practice Club Could Mean to Your LIFE:

  • Get off any insane hamster wheel of work your are likely on trying to do ALL the things. Instead, do this calm and consistent marketing method for more time-freedom. 
  • Free up more time so you don’t feel stressed doing all the things
  • Have more peace of mind knowing you have a source of income that can’t be taken down by algorithms or any other whims. It’s steady and stable and yours to control. 
  • Have more sanity because you’re not trying to keep up the pace. YOU set the pace and set life around your business desires. My motto is Life first, then business OR Life AND Business …. too many people are putting life as an afterthought and we need to fix this! 
This membership is all about TAKING ACTION and creating emails as if you’re building a real relationship built on trust, communication and respect (going both ways). This is about marketing and selling in a way that feels so good you actually WANT to do it. 
There are no templates to be had here. There is no “do these steps”. This is pure creativity and instinct about what is right for you and an invitation to do the work as part of the club. 
One of my members recently let me know she was about to send her first email to her first list (how exciting)! Here’s what she said about that:

This Email Marketing Membership is EASY to Consume.

Nobody wants a membership full of topics they can’t keep up with. 

This email marketing membership is created so that you get one easy to consume guide inside the members area. The training amounts to no more than 30-60 minutes per month and is broken into easy steps you can follow at any time. 

Jump in ANY month! Every month is designed to help you with your email marketing in a stand alone way so you’ll never be behind. 

Email Practice Club is Your Daily Email Marketing
"Hit Send Support System"

To recap here is what you get with Email Practice Club:

  • Email Marketing Classes Every Month – Keeping you up to date on the latest in email marketing. 
  • Library of Email Marketing Training – Ready and waiting for you right now! 
  • Monthly Email Marketing Prompts – Ideas and tips to make it easier to just hit send. 
  • Monthly Pep Talk – Because everyone needs to be reminded why they heck we do this stuff!
  • Member Perk 50% Off Courses – This is a HUGE savings if you intend to buy my courses! 
I’m dedicated to continually providing you with training that allows you to build a business with email marketing. 
This is the kind of space where you learn and understand what it takes to connect with your email subscribers in a way that puts YOU at the top of their “to be read” list every single day for YEARS on end. 
That is the kind of powerful relationship you can build with email marketing, when done the way I teach inside of Email Practice Club. 

I hope to be given the opportunity to teach you how. I hope to see you on the inside if you think this is the right place for you! 
Fill in the form below and complete your payment to join and see you on the inside! 

Member & Customer Feedback:

email practice club members email marketing membership feedback
Testimonials from Email Practice Club.
Email marketing membership results.

About Angela Wills, Email Practice Club Founder:

Hi, I’m Angela Wills. 

I’ve been selling stuff online with email for over 15 years. I’ve sold services, digital and physical products to the tune of over 1 million dollars – all using email marketing. 

I LOVE communication. That’s why consistent email marketing is my thing. Who builds a really great relationship speaking only once a week? Not me!

Angela Wills, Owner of Email Practice Club membership.

I’ve earned over a million dollars by selling many products and some services online. That has been all generated through email marketing. 

I’ve been sending regular (4-7 times a week) emails to my list for about 15 years.

Here’s what one person recently said about them:

“I wanted to take a moment to reach out to let you know that I love getting these emails. You’re such a good story teller. There are only maybe 6 or 7 people that I read every email they send. You’re one of them. Just wanted to thank you for making a difference.” Jeremy Ginn

This is why I keep hitting send. Jeremy has actually been on my list over 10 years. Over 10 YEARS of hearing from me ALMOST EVERY DAY and still he thanks me?!? 

How can that be? Aren’t daily emails annoying? Aren’t they wrong? Unacceptable?

NO. Not if they’re done well. If they’re done well people will THANK YOU for hitting send again, and again, and again all year long. 

"Removing the Risk" Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Try the membership for a full 30 days and if you don’t like it for any reason simply contact and you’ll get a full refund. There’s zero risk in signing up. 

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