Customer Showcase

Martine Barclay’s Website: 

Course Taken: Make Websites from Scratch

Martine Created: A spin-off website to support her psychotherapy and counselling practice.

Martine’s Feedback:
“The training helped us create a new site for a spin-off brand from my psychotherapy & counselling practice. The videos in the training were every clear and thorough and we went from no WordPress skills to this! We’re thrilled. :).”

“Websites are going well. My VA has made 3 so far! Two were to transfer form Kajabi and the 3rd is the Professional Toolkit Bundle site! It was a very worthwhile investment your Websites from Scratch. It has saved me lots of time and money.”

Angela’s Comments: Switching out of Kajabi and paying a VA instead of a web developer saves thousands of dollars! I’d say Martine’s investment in the course has well more than paid for itself! Also nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone take my training and apply it – way to go Martine!

Kate McDonald’s Website: 

Course Taken: Make Websites from Scratch

Kate Created: A website for the online sales of printables. Audience is other printable selllers, especially seniors with multiple streams of income.

Kate’s Feedback:
“I started to create a website, but I got overwhelmed. Signing up for Angela’s course forced me to get serious about completing it. There were a lot of useful tips that helped to make the process go more smoothly.”

Robin Fritz Website: 

Course Taken: Make Websites from Scratch

Robin Created: Her website for coaching and digital products in the self-development, mindset, and especially for those entering midlife

Robin’s Feedback:
“Before I went through Angela’s course, I had a website that was a disaster. I was confused, overwhelmed, and did my best to figure it out on my own and made many, many mistakes. During the training, I was saying a lot of “Oh, that’s what I should have done,” lol. Now I have a beautiful and functional website that I understand, am able to operate, update, and that I’m proud to invite people to see! Thank you, Angela!”

Gael Wood’s Membership:  The Write Way 

The group Gael created:

It’s for anyone looking to create a consistent writing habit and then leverage their writing into ebooks, marketing content and success.

Her Feedback:

“My previous memberships had become overly complicated and time consuming, so much so that I had closed them down I wanted to launch my new program in a way that would be manageable and scalable. Angela’s ideas helped me to see how I can provide great value for my members in just a few hours per month. I am so excited to offer this to my audience!”

Amber Fuller’s Membership:  LadyBoss Business Group :

The group Amber created:

A community formed to empower and inspire ladybosses to build their rocking online digital business from any location. We aim to bring together our knowledge and experience to share our stories, our goals and aspirations for building our best digital business or side hustle. Whether you are new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur we believe you have a lot to gain by being part of a likeminded community.

Her Feedback:

“Before taking Angela’s class I had a rough idea of what I wanted my membership to look like but, with Quick Class Based Memberships I was given a clear, definitive road map. All the steps are laid out and using the 1 hour class based method is gold. It makes perfect sense to share your knowledge in bite sized yet value packed short classes. It has helped me to map out a membership plan that works.”

Vicki Peel’s Membership:  Home to Haven:

The group Vicki created:

It is an interactive membership for anyone wanting to take back control of their home. It will help members identify how their home haven would look and feel like and provide the content, support, and planning to make it happen for them

Her Feedback:

“Creating a membership is something I had been thinking about for a long time, but didn’t know how to take the first step toward making it happen. Angela’s Quick Class-Based Membership not only took me to the first step and through the entire process needed to be successful. Angela’s approach to teaching the course was what made it work for me. She gives you everything you need to create your own membership without creating pressure to get it done. It’s all there, but it’s up to you to take and apply what you need. Throughout the course, you’re given the opportunity to share where you are in the process and ask the questions needed to take you to the next level. I was at the point in my business where I was ready for this content, and Angela delivered exactly what I needed in a casual, responsive, and supportive environment.”

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