When you lead with core messaging, you create a true HUMAN connection!

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Re: Not your typical “target marketing”
From: Angela Wills of Living Lifestyle Freedom…
To: Coaches, Course Creators, Freelancers, Digital Product Creators and more…

Whenever I share my core message marketing process for creating business content that rocks, I get responses of RELIEF and EXCITEMENT. 

Relief that they no longer need to feel the pressure of “picking a target market” that they may not want to stick with in a year or two. Excitement that they can create content based on who they ARE so there’s no guessing, no worrying about being right and so the content can flow so freely the only problem is too many ideas! 

Here’s what core message marketing does for you:

  • Allows you to run your solopreneur or small business by BEING YOURSELF and attracting others like you. 
  • Gives you endless content, course, marketing and product ideas because you are sharing what YOU KNOW.
  • Creates a community of followers you absolutely love because you share the same values! 

This is what I’ve been doing my entire business career:
Core Message Marketing.

It’s why I can have a relatively “tiny” list of 2k or so and still make a full-time, six figure income as a mom focused on family first. 

I’ve had clients who buy from me for years and years. While my products are high quality that’s not the main reason they buy. They buy because they understand what I stand for, why I do what I do and how that translates into a quality learning experience for them. 

Imagine buying from someone who robs banks when you want to run a church. I know, extreme example, but you see how backwards that would be? The thing is many business owners are NOT sharing their values so we legitimately can’t tell what their values are other than watching their actions. But you can’t see all the things on the internet. 

When you TELL your people and show them what you stand for, they will stand with you when it matches. 

And this is where core message marketing is so so powerful! 

Call in Your Dream Customers with Core Message Marketing!

Core Message Marketing works like this:

  • You decide what you value most in your life and business. You already know this – these are your core values
  • From your core values you develop you own, personal core messages. Examples of mine are: “life first, then business”, “protect your time fiercely” and “raising a business while raising a family”. These emphasize my values of freedom, time, family. 
  • Once you are clear on your core messaging you create marketing that calls in your perfect fit dream customers and clients who will naturally be drawn to your messaging because they share your values! 

Why Use Core Messaging?

This core messaging is not the typical way people think of their marketing. 

Sometimes this marketing is talked about as “polarizing” marketing. You have such harsh and brash opinions that you REPELL the wrong people. This is coming at it from the opposite angle. We don’t need to repel the wrong people. We will ATTRACT the right people and the wrong people will fall away. 

Your marketing is NOT about you, it’s true. So while you are sharing YOUR values and core messaging it’s important that you understand people are putting themselves in your place, deciding if they want to be like you. And of course you’ll speak to them as well and call them out by speaking to those values, even when it’s not about you. 

The reason we use this method over targeting a specific market is because people are SO different and varied. 

Let’s say I wanted to target moms in business as a target market. I’m going to get a clump of people with all kinds of interests, values, goals and businesses. There’s nothing that’s really going to draw them in and hold their attention as well as something they FEEL is important. 

By target marketing you are targeting demographics. Demographics don’t get people emotional, excited, motivated. 

People DO get motivated by what they really, truly care about. 

Moms in business aren’t in business because they want to build amazing systems that rock and make more money. 
They’re in business because they want to be able to ALWAYS be home to tuck their kids in at night, give them a big kiss and hug and say I love you. 

It’s why I’M in business anyway << see what I did there. That’s a core value and message from me. 

You see how powerful on is versus the other? THAT is why we use Core Message Marketing. 


What you'll learn inside this savvy
business coach course:

Session 1: Core Values & Messages

In this session we will discuss examples of how to turn core values into messaging. I’ll also show you some marketing messages and how they could be improved with Core Message Marketing! 

Session 2: The Connection

In this session we will think through and work through the connection that is created when doing this kind of marketing. It’s important to understand and get your mind set on sharing in this way. It doesn’t always come natural so we will focus on practicing! 

Session 3: Marketing Plans

We will cover turning your core messaging into actual marketing. Whatever marketing you do, it will be time to create a plan that you can follow to get work done. 

Session 4: Wrap up and Q&A

We will talk about the course, how you’re doing, get any questions answered you need answered in this session!

Who this marketing course is for:

Core Message Marketing is for the business owner with an offer ready to share and a business running. 
This course won’t cover how to start a business or how to create products or anything like that. It’s focused on the marketing

You could be a coach, freelancer, content creator, blogger, digital downloads seller, etc. This core message marketing method will work for you… it’s about connection and relationships! 

I can’t wait to hear how it goes as you move into more ease and flow with your marketing content.

How to register for Core Message Marketing

Fill in the registration form below to register for the business coach course that teaches you how to start marketing without stress using core messaging.

Remember – this is a Living Program – which means it will be updated regularly!

What You Get:
  • Four LIVE training sessions that will be recorded and available as an evergreen product afterwards. Video & PDF of Presentation so you can learn in the way that works for you.
  • Q&A sessions on your live training dates. 
  • Intake and Course Completion forms to track your progress and Return on Investment.
LIVE Session Dates and Times are: July 9th, 10th, 16th & 17th at 1pm ET
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