Business Opportunity

Since 2002 I’ve worked with moms and women in business.

My goal was always to help them grow their business and create lifestyle freedom.

In more recent years I became more and more aware of how important the food we eat is to how we feel and how much energy we have.

And I’ve become so aware that the ENERGY you bring to a project is extremely important to the success of that product!

This is why I’ve been on a mission to become healthier day by day. When I discovered an opportunity to help others do the same for themselves I knew it was a key to a more productive business. And I jumped on board.

I added physical products to my digital business. This creates passive and residual income for myself and my partners.

I sell the Tower Garden, it’s my baby! I joined this business FOR the Tower Garden. I decided I wanted one for my own and it was then that I discovered the business opportunity that came with it.

Here’s my baby:

Here are more of the products I offer through this company, Juice Plus:

You can check out the products here:

If you are outside the US you can change the country setting by selecting the globe at the bottom of the page and picking your country.

The opportunity with this company allows you to earn up to 25% commissions on the product. This adds up to a nice additional or more income just from product sales. You’ll also be paid to help others build their own businesses as well.

No pressure. No hype. No talking your friends or family into doing stuff they don’t want to!

If you’re interested please reach out. You can find me at or here on Facebook and on Instagram (my fav)

Or if you know you’re ready to sign up you can do so here.

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