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No Boss Telling You to Get to Work
No Deadlines Looming 
No One to be Accountable to
No Productivity? Maybe… But There’s a Fix for That

Angela Wills, Owner of Email Practice Club membership.

Hi there from Angela Wills! 

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2002 and I know a thing or two about self-motivation and getting stuff done.

It’s one of the best times in history to be your own boss. 

The barrier to entry is so low, there are amazing tools to build your empire and you can work from home, on all your own terms. 

Those points I listed right up top, though? No boss, no deadlines, no accountability can all sound AWESOME at first but after a while you’ll realize that it’s TOO EASY to just mess around. 

Messing around for too long leads to messing with your profits.

I’ve been accountable to others in my business in various forms: Accountability Partners, Accountability Groups and Accountability to my Coaches. 

It works! 

Checking in with someone HELPS you get more done. 

I’ve seen this with my own clients, in my own work and in the groups I’ve run. 

Accountability Challenge to Get Stuff Done

Introducing the Accountability Challenge! 

For only $10 you can join this challenge, our private customer community and qualify to win course credits just for doing your own work! 

Here’s how it works:

  • You pay $50 to join – one time fee or subscription (you choose). 
  • You post in our private group in my project system – Basecamp. MAX 25 people.  
  • You earn $50 in Course Credits for posting accountability updates on 20 different days in one month. 

It’s easy! Get paid for doing the work you were going to do anyway. Why not? 

Other Ways Accountability Helps:


What’s really cool about the accountability challenge is that you can see and support other challengers as well. It’s like getting a peek into other people’s businesses (including my own as I post, too). It’s like letting other people know what you are working on. 

You are welcome (and encouraged) to post links to your projects, share photos from your business and life and engage with the community. We have people doing awesome things with their businesses. I LOVE this part of the challenge! 

You can join this challenge for one month or ongoing – this is up to you! Options are below. 

Most people prefer to do the challenge ongoing… if you already know you’ll want multiple months then you can choose the pre-selected subscription option.  

If you’d like to join we start on the first of the month and you’ll have to post 20 days of accountability to “win” the challenge. Up for it?

Hear From Past Challengers:

I got loads of my to-dos and priorities done, but I also learned so much! I learned about my energy levels and how I can plan my day better to take advantage of my high and low energy times. I stayed focused, having daily accountability brought me back to what I said I would do that day when I felt distracted. I had ahas about how long things actually take me take versus how long I think they should take. I added a little more hustle when my list was nearly done, so I could check everything off my list.

Gael Wood,

When I saw Angela offering an accountability challenge I didn’t exactly jump to participate. I waited until a couple of days into the challenge before joining. I wasn’t keen on the idea of having to check in daily to share what I did (or didn’t) get done. To my surprise, I quickly found that the daily accountability was helping me follow through on tasks I said I would complete. Even though I hit a couple of bumps in the road (life happening on life’s terms), I was thrilled with how much easier it was to stay focused and on track with projects resulting in a lot more work being completed than had I not been in the challenge. So it was a no-brainer that as soon as I heard Angela mention another accountability challenge I was ready to throw my money at her! 😉 

Tishia Lee,

I’m in – accountability let’s do this! I loved the momentum the challenge gave me. Though I didn’t post every day it definitely helped me a lot with keeping on track and focused on what I needed to do.

Amber Fuller,

Here's What You Get:

When you join the accountability challenge here is what you’ll get inside:

  • Group Accountability Challenge inside my project management system, Basecamp
  • Access to Angela’s accountability so you can see, first hand, behind the scenes of what she works on every day to grow her Six Figure Business! 
  • Regular check-in from Angela on your Accountability. I’ll pop in with a little emoji or a quick comment. This isn’t coaching but it is powerful knowing someone is checking to see if you’ve done the work! 
  • Opportunity to connect with other challengers. We will have up to 25 people in our first group. You will be in the same area and can communicate and encourage each other – and you’re encouraged to do so! 
  • $50 Freedom Credits when you post 20 days of updates! That’s right you can basically earn your money back by completing the challenge! Earn $50 in Freedom Credits which can be used on any course, class or even on coaching that is offered through 

Challenges run every month!
When you register you get full participation in the next calendar month. 

Registration is easy! Just fill in the form below and choose to join our upcoming Accountability with a one-time payment OR join a subscription if you already know you need this in your life, monthly! 

More Challenge Results:

“I somewhat reluctantly joined the October Accountability Challenge because I thought it sounded like a good idea but not sure I would actually follow through with it. I decided that problem alone was an accountability point I should follow!

I started out with just a few items a day, and some days were great and others not so great, as life often gets in the way of our plans. But I found that I really enjoyed updating what I did and didn’t do, and I felt a positive pressure to have more green check marks than not! As the month went along my list grew from not only “what I plan to do today” to include a “might do today” list, a “going to do this soon” list (which was mostly so I didn’t forget later), and finally a “goals for the rest of the year” list (because it was October and the end of the year was looming!)

I included both business items to do and personal items, such as “organize my garage”, which Angela helped me focus in on how to get that done after it was on there day after day with no progress. (P.S. I finally got it done!!)

Overall I found this Accountability Challenge helped me to focus on my daily must-dos and might-dos, and to discern between them which was a must or a might.

I found myself coming back to my list a time or two just to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. (Most tasks I also put on my google calendar, but still this simple list helps a great deal more.)

I’m very much a planner and I really liked doing this challenge! Plus the “pressure” to do at least 20 days in order to earn coaching credits really pushed me to get to that point…and once you are there you just keep going!

Thank you so much Angela for hosting this challenge! I am looking forward to starting anew with November!”

Kim Scott,

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